The Small Things project in collaboration with Northcott Innovation, aims to empower both people living with a disability and their support crew in Northcott supported accomodation, placing immense amounts of value on the small moments of meaningful interaction between the two.

Within Northcott homes, it became evident that there are two distinct communication methods - the first being that of the staff through routine, schedules and information sheets, and the second the material, and sensory associations the residents have with certain events and activities.

The proposed solution would effectively combine these two languages, ensuring staff and residents would have to collaborate, building better days. Together. 

Northcott Innovation x UTS



Using a single wall as a tangible, physical and sensory hub of information turns the monotonous task of scheduling into something both staff and residents can do together. This collaboration allows both to understand the associations and VALUE each has for activities.

Made in collaboration with:

Emily Savage | @by.emilysavage
Alipta Nayak | @ unheimlich_in_my_bones
Oscar Fielke | @fielke_designs
Leona Lyu