Coffee-related waste is one of the largest contributors to landfills around Australia. Yet while single-use coffee cups take center stage as being terrible at natural decomposition, it’s the disposable foil-lined bags that take an incredibly longer time to decompose...

'Yebuna' is derived for the Amharic word for coffee, almost directly translating to 'do it'... pretty fitting for coffee. Through waste-free packaging, large-scale coffee industries are removed, connecting consumers with suppliers and local farmers, globally.




The ‘Yebuna Beans’ project involved the creation of a visual identity, online application/ordering platform, packaging and merchandise design.
As a concept for a UTS assessment project, ‘Yebuna Beans’ aimed to provide a creative response two key issues, the first being exploitation of farmers and local communities on which the coffee industry is built, and second the excessive use of wastage in the coffee bean distribution and packaging process. 

The creation of Yebuna Beans packaging involved UV printing a versatile grid onto a glass jar, after which a chalk marker can be used to describe its contents - eliminating as much wastage as possible.